Stepping Inn Motel


Comfort. Friendliness. Convenience.

About Us

Stepping Inn Motel in Scott City, Kansas, is specifically designed and operated with the needs of extended-stay travelers in mind by offering weekly and monthly rates, in-room refrigerators and microwaves, outdoor grills, weekly main service and fully-furnished community kitchens and laundry facilities. Wireless Internet and cable television is also included.

Stepping Inn Motel is located at 104 South Main in Scott City, Kansas, and is conveniently located next to a full service restaurant. Stepping Inn Motel contains customizable suites (one or two queen-sized beds, recliner/chair and desk/table and chairs), two executive suites (one king-sized bed, recliner and a full kitchenette) and two central kitchen/laundry facilities. Use of the central kitchens and laundry facilities is offered at NO CHARGE.


Stepping Up

Stepping Inn Motel is part of Stepping Up, Inc. and its ministry. The Motel is operated solely by the residents under the management of the ministry director. Clients of the program may be employed at the Stepping Inn Motel to develop regular work habits, a sense of responsibility, and work skills without the pressures of the outside world. Through Motel employment, clients will learn what it is like to provide for their own needs through hard work with the hopes that they can transfer those skills for use in employment with a community employer. In addition, clients working at the Motel will be mentored in how to weave being a Christian into their every day work life. All net earnings stay in the ministry and are used for ministry purposes.